Payments & Cancellations

This booking is an upfront charge on your card, and you will only need to pay for corkage / drinks (if any) on dining day. In the event that there are others trying to make bookings for the same sessions, our system will determine the earliest successful booking. Your booking is only confirmed once you have received a confirmation email. If your booking is unsuccessful, you will not receive one and any credit card charge will be reversed. Should there be a high volume of users, this process might take place in a matter of seconds, and we seek your patience and understanding when trying to book a session with us. Do note that in the event of a cancellation and/or refund, as our credit card payments are made via a third-party payment gateway, all credit card booking fees are non-refundable.

To facilitate planning and ordering of raw materials for our partner chefs, no cancellations will be processed. Should you be unable to dine with us on the chosen dining date and time, you may transfer the booking to another party and his or her guest(s), if any. Do let us know the name and contact number of the individual whom the reservation is now under via WhatsApp. Do note that you continue to take responsibility in informing the new attendees of our T&Cs, as well as ensuring that all remain compliant to both our T&Cs as well as any legislative measures that are in place (E.g. Covid-19 Safe Management Measures).

Dietary restrictions

Do note that some chefs are unable to cater to special dietaries such lactose intolerance and vegetarian / vegan diets. Nonetheless, should you or your guest have any dietary restrictions and allergens, do let us know early and we will work with the respective chef for your booking for any work arounds.

Chefs and menus

Do note that while sample menus are provided, these are subjected to changes depending on produce seasonality and availability.